+150 Ideas How to come up with a tattoo idea (Guide)


This dad loves his daughter Kaylyn, and I think she loves color as well!

Roll It Out

The parchment colors of this scroll are different. The dark brown and coloring, or lack of it around the wording, makes the words really pop. I like this one’s size on the upper arm and how it has the appearance of being unfurled for reading.

This tattoo is very easy. Four words can be seen: soul, brain, bravery, and fear. this line was not put where it is, such words would be meaningless. The line tells us it’s always meant to be: hear about mind and bravery fear. Do you agree to this?

Tattoo for Leg Mermaid

Cute Baby Angel Lower Back Tattoo

This model puts a spin on the typical angel tattoo concept by using a cherub like, baby design for the angel’s body. The pose of the figure and the fact that it faces away from us also creates a nice visual echo with the tattoo body of the woman.

Sexy Tribal Feminine Tattoo

Feminine tribal tattoos can be enigmatic, elusive and attractive if done in the right place. This tattoo is rarely fully noticeable, but even under the clothing it can sometimes be seen and people to wonder what the whole design looks like.

These crochet tattoos that are amazingly badass

Crochet tattoos are a particular tattoo category. Why is it? Find out … because they’re a hobby and they don’t have anything to do with what’s trendy right now. The tattooing technique itself may be to a style that has become popular recently and has been used on the most common tattoos. Apart from that, crocheting and knitting designs are meant to express the hobby or sometimes work of someone. Crocheting may be considered a hip thing at the moment as part of the counterculture, but that’s just because it’s not among the standard ones. In particular, the main idea of a tattoo is to reflect and make or her feel better about themselves. So, all crochet tattoos are drawn with features not usually considered with popular tattoos in mind. There are actually two different processes of crocheting and knitting. You will discover tattoos with both styles of creations of fabrics as follows. Crocheting requires completed stitches to be more precise, while knitting can mean keeping a large number of stitches open at the same time. I’m sure you know a lot more about those of you who like this operation. People have begun to crochet in, so there’s a whole science behind it. There are two calming things to crochet and knit. These are also popular with cats in addition to relaxation, DIY projects and handcrafts. Some people may like knitting and having a cat that often plays with yarn, thread or different strands. So you’re going to see crochet tattoos that also include cats. When it comes to this type of tattoos, legs and arms are preferred and colors are often used. Unless there’s a crocheting lettering tattoo, you’ll see bright colors that show a passionate person’s positive spirit. Knitters are often patient human beings who make use of something to communicate their imagination.

Matching Mandala Mother Tattoos

My favorite thing about this pair of tattoos is that they meet on the outside rather than on the inside of the foot. That was somewhat unexpected. A gorgeous mandala for mom and daughter (and pedicured toes!)

Luke Dream Catcher Tattoo

This awesome Luke tattoo is made of a date and time, it’s a good idea.

Negative Space

Elegant Cat Tattoo

We had a similar example of a cat with some colors. But a cat’s tattoo is made of roses. Is your kitty the same as you? For herself beautiful, elegant, and significant (but not in the wrong way)? If so, like this, you can get it tattooed. But the owner of this tattoo is more likely to represent herself through a cat’s tattoo. Tattoos prove once again how they can represent their wearer’s character in a creative manner.

Free like a bird

Do you sometimes dream of being free like a bird, only spreading wings and soaring far, far away? That is not likely, sadly. But with a different tattoo, you can still show your passion for liberty and probably fly. And while you can’t have your own wings, you can still fly (of course in an airplane).

Spiderman D tattoo on man’s chest

This is a very innovative D tattoo concept that produces the lifelike illusion of a man wearing a spiderman’s suit inside his body. Although the body appears to be rotting, then the costume is still very cool.

Love is around us

This tattoo has a delicate fragile beauty water. Clearly, retracing tattoo’s origins is the rainbow flag paired with the universal symbol of love – the heart. It’s a saccharine mess, one might argue, but if you’re a LGBT friend, I’m sure you know this tattoo perfectly describes the start of a rough partnership that’s almost always confused with what the world perceives to reflect its principles.

Skull and crow tattoos

Originally posted by cheap-trixie Colorful tattoo.

External color

D stockings and tattoo machine

Originally posted by tattoo machine Instead of a tattoo machine,

A rose by any other name

In keeping with the Shakespearean theme but upping the by being bold, these beautiful roses extend along both clavicles from the shoulders. The rose is a timeless tattoo option and it adds a touch elegance to your ink by draping them along your clavicle.

Angel or Devil?

Every man has in him a little devil and an angel, he just has to decide which one to hear. It doesn’t seem like this man will tell.

Angle Battle Demon Tattoo

Delicate, Sexy Cat Tattoo

from an even higher, all-knowing viewpoint reaching through al. A beautifully impressive tattoo capturing cat’s essence and keeping a special feline friend forever on the hand of the wearer.

Disney Sleeve

It looks like somebody else has a job to do! But they’ve finished their and it looks great! It’s as if he’s crawling over her leg. Really good. This sleeve will be amazing when it’s done!

Floral Tattoo on a Lady’s Foot

This stunning sunflower tattoo is a symbol of devotion, and luck. The floral tattoo is also a symbol of enchantment. Inked in yellow and green, the darker coloring in the background gives the model a -D look.


Symbol reinterpretation

Skulking Owl Tattoo

What do you think of this owl? For men, this realistic neck tattoo is too masculine for a tiger, but not too sensitive for a chimp.

Floral Henna Tattoo Design

Indian brides love to get their exclusive henna tattoos. Normally they get one of the most popular designs of henna tattoos-flowers. Flowers symbolize beauty, joy and happiness. It’s not shocking why so many people are going for this particular design.

Flower tattoos various on foot

Various shades and flowers. It is never a mistake.

Angel’s graphic art style

On the wearer’s back, a crucified male angel with abstract wings and realistic details and model designs.

Neck-Chest Masculine Tattoo

Stephen James flaunts one of the most intricate chest tattoo concept that elicits a stunning male appeal. A flower in bloom is inked on the base of the neck. Curves and lines flow to form complex designs filled with the tiniest details, dots and numerous enticing patterns scattered over the chest.

and mandala tattoo meaning

Mandala tattoo meaning is associated with a sense of religion more frequently than it is now. The elephant would be connected to Hinduism as an example. x

Butterfly Girl

This picture shows a butterfly-winged girl flying to her favorite form of plant.

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‘ Most Famous Arabic Tattoos This is one more of those authentic, large tattoos.
This tattoo may mean taking things slowly and living one day at a time in your life.
This tattoo is certainly for you for those in books.
I seldom see a solar system planet’s spine tattoo model. It’s really cool to have on your back your own solar system.
Music lovers will enjoy a tattoo model with musical notes.
You should get this tattoo if you’re afraid to get your heart broken. With that, nine hearts will support!
Our motivation in life should always be this.
This tattoo should be used to remind you that God is always there to help you on your journey and to support you.
Chinese lotus flower tattoo can never go wrong for you.

Love is worth fighting for

The meanings of these bands are unique. We are also very famous due to the television series Teen Wolf. They can express a wide range of feelings, mostly tattooed as reminders. Such tattoos, also known as warrior bands, look mysterious and somehow familiar. The visual effect is also fantastic!

Minnie and Mickey Mouse couple tattoos

You don’t think this is a fun idea for a couple of tattoos?

Crowned key tattoo

Key to the bedroom of her majesty. Pun intended to do so.

Intricate left sleeve tattoo

This is yet another tattoo design of a skull wearing a crown. The beautiful crown has amazing detail and swirling designs that resemble hair emanate from it. Below the skull is a clock with minute and hour hands pointing to roman numerals. It’s fitting for a warrior or a high-ranking man. It is one of the most valued tribal tattoos kind.

Mermaid Tattoos: Princess

This ink is nuanced, elegant and religious, conjuring visions of Thai goddesses, beautifully painted in layers on jewelry and decorative plates. Suvannamaccha, meaning golden fish in Sanrit, is a mermaid princess in popular Thai folklore who tries to spoil Hunaman’s bridge construction plans as the story goes, but ends up in love with him instead. Here the tattoo features smooth, ornate line work and brilliant color use that breathes life into the painting. There’s so much detail that you really need to look into this product, and basically it’s a divine tattoo that will bring fortune, happiness, and life to wearer and shine on his side forever as a devotional motif.

Lilies on My Back

This is an interesting approach to standard floral tattoos involving It is much darker and lacks vivid colors, yet the results of skillful coloring turn it into a worthy tattoo.

Tattoo for sexual dandelion

Women’s Tattoos

Eery Eye

This fiery eye is a weird little tattoo, but I like it very. The eye is so well done and it’s stunning and certainly a first, as hot air balloon tattoos go.

No Rules to Bind You Once You Meet Your Other Half

Nothing can hold you apart when you have found your true love. Even the broken hair, it seems.

Yellow Ribbon and Anchor

A yellow cancer ribbon wrapped around a gray anchor for / bone cancer.

Ear Tattoos – See What Made Our #

you’d be able to brag. Or something with accessories or any outfit that would look good. Here are some ear tattoo suggestions.

Super Detailed Full Sleeve Angel Tattoo

Just as the eye at the top of this sleeve looks out at you, one’s own eyes can’t help but follow the complex images down the entire length of the man’s arm. Mixing iconic images of life, death and the ephemeral state of time the angel at the core of this piece is the perfect compliment.

Originally posted by everdrobe.com

Things taking you up

Originally posted by everdrobe.com This message means ascension and spiritual development along with the feather between the two sides. Feathers symbolize reality, speed, lightness, ascension and flight. The text follows the outline of the feather to obtain an aerodynamic effect. Whenever happens, they should be changing, not sitting down.

Temporary Tattoos

It is prudent to always search for the source of your tattoo design before applying it your body. While temporary tattoos fade over time, a layout that runs counter to the message you want to convey could yell out something different to the audience. Every model has a sense of its own. You can customize your own body artwork to fulfill your intended purpose. Catalogs and galleries of digital tattoos will help you get creative ideas that are different. It’s great that you’re dealing with suppliers embrace custom designs. Make sure you ask how long it will take to get the end product before sending your artwork. This is particularly important if you need to apply the tattoo within a certain time frame. Do not just select someone to apply the tattoo to your skin. It may fun experimenting as it can be easily removed after all temporary tattoos if the whole system fires back. You need to note, however, that is your skin and it can leave you with regrets if not done with care. Do your homework by looking for a credible tattoo artist who over the years has provided many people with body artworks. If you don’t know where to get started, you can always search for advice online or ask friends or relatives, particularly those with tattoos.

Gothic Twist

This piece incorporates an element of goth while using some classic feather and dot elements. Maybe it’s the red nails or the middle finger’s rare blank space. Given its conventional parts, this look is very different.

Divine Roses And Skull Sleeve Tattoo

Divine Pure Design

and more than many elephants were respected. An albino elephant is rare, and if you want one tattoo because you’ve seen it, you’re especially blessed.

Groovy flower design

I think this one would love the new hippies out there too.

Man and skeleton on a scale

This tattoo is very similar to the previous one on a much more detailed and intricate level. When it comes to this and the other tattoo’s imagery, it’s all about duality. On a platform that looks like a scale, the half-human, half-skeleton being has its arms bound above its head. For this tattoo, I can’t think of a better place than the arm of this man.

Skull D thigh tattoo

Sue Lucas originally posted.

Greyscale Wolf Head

Black and white wolf head matching Shaggydog, Rickon Stark’s direwolf in Got.

Scalp tattoo vibrant clouds

Ouch! Head tattoos aren’t hurting? And all the time you would have to tie up your hair like that? You could wear it down at work and it would hardly be heard.

Beauty of Rainbow Lotus

The lotus flower is a hit among tattoo ideas as it is one of the most important symbols. Whether it’s about purity, spirituality, salvation or any other specific meaning, the lotus will always be awesome and the aquarel tattoo design highlights that beautifully.

Elephant cover-up tattoo

Do you have an old tattoo you no longer want? A tattoo large as an elephant will certainly cover up your old one’s traces as long as you have the right tattoo artist to help you do it!

Fallen Angel Tattoo

A fallen angel tattoo is a symbol of a very determined person taking his Destiny in his own hands This angel tattoo model is made of an angel dropping or falling in blackwork.

Mountain Tattoo for Venturers

Done entirely in black ink, this simple tattoo model is the mountain lover. So if you enjoy snow, biking, trekking, and all that these incredible mountains have to offer – here’s the layout for you.

Surreal Galactic Armband Tattoo

A better way to catch the entire team in one of the superhero tattoos would be to simply add their mos. It’s easy, but it’s nice to get the point across.

Anchor and birds tattoos

Whale battles octopus on the chest

This is one instance where an octopus is being battled by a whale and the whale seems to be the winner. It’s a very well-done tattoo with the right colors and real fighting illusion.

Sugar skull

I like the nose shaped like ears. I’d like it more if the skull’s head more color.

A Legends Thing

Legend says that koi fish can ascend the Yellow River drops and become a dragon. We are generally associated with good luck and good fortune for this reason. This piece shows a koi fish that makes the river I like how it’s done on the fish itself in mainly black and white with bright leaves and red marks. Just a little colored pop.

Realistic Scorpion Tattoos

This one also comes with red roses, a clear contrast between them and the scorpion’s black colour.

Angels of Life and Death

This angel collage sleeve tattoo features a depiction of a real statue on the upper arm connected by a transformation of orange roses from a picture of a woman’s face with a skull on the left.

Dragonfly and dandelion

A Crowned Skull

Skull and crown tattoo that symbolize good luck for those who choose a model like this. For some, even in death, it might mean something like a king (or queen). Whatever the reason, this shoulder tattoo will certainly stand out from the details here.

Small Elephant Tattoo on Foot

Another adorable tattoo for baby elephants! We love way the color suits the pedicure of the woman.

Bird’s Eye

This tattoo is eye-catching! I don’t even know where to get started. Sure, it looks like a painting at first glance, an amazing painting. The combination of colors is just amazing and I’m pretty sure it takes a lot of talent, experience, intuition and imagination to pull this off. I won’t even talk about the line work because it’s just out of reach! This piece like it belongs to an exhibit and it could also be in a pure awesomeness display!

Black and grey chest tattoo

Sometimes it’s better to stick to black and gray and painted tattoos if you mix it all up (depending on the design) when it starts to look messy rather than artsy.

Little Diamond Tattoos

How about your ring finger getting a diamond tattoo instead of a true one?

Family Owl

We care most about our family. And, at least, about what we should be most worried about. This is the perfect tattoo for you if you’re a mom, or an older brother / sister. You should show your love for your family and how to protect them at all times. Despite the fact that this tattoo is feminine, guys can get the same tattoo, but adapted to their hard character a bit.

Anchor Anchor Anchor Anchor

Bracelets tattoo

The tattoo is a unique design to have on your arm. The tattoo is made to appear as if you were wearing a bracelet on your hand. Designed with dotted lines that typically show the various elements of a bracelet, the tattoo is designed downwards to appear as if hanging from your side.

Time Heals

I confess I don’t know what this means, but the picture is important for I love the clock and I’m curious what time it’s going to be. This tattoo is beautifully done, no matter what it is, and the subtle pink hues in are beautiful to look at. Perhaps a lovely tribute to a loved one. As far as the tattoos on this page are concerned about breast cancer, this is one of the most complex!

Simple Tattoo Spine

Simple tattoos are something different. They look so sophisticated and stunning, no matter where they are. Nonetheless, basic tattoos like this one look the best if done on the back, or on some other desirable parts of the body – like under the breasts.

Strong Scorpio

This scorpion looks like it’s bending fully. Ah, I’m so strong! Look at me running through the desert pouring poison into things! Usually, scorpions are not found on the neck backs, but they are often found near mountains, hills and suburbs where little urbanization has taken place. And good news if you’re living in a city (watch out for rats and cockroaches [ pizza ])!

Dave Paulo’s practical portrait arm tattoo

Army Tattoos Air Corps

Under somebody’s aegis

The idea of aegis is adopted by both Roman and Greek philosophy. The latter refers to a strong protective origin. Because it can be clarified in many ways, I have little chance of getting it right. What matters is that the balance is not far from flawless and that the tattoo reflects some of the Roman art.

Skull and horn tattoo

Eyelid tattoos

Eyelid tattoos are taking a great deal of bravery now. Yeah, I’d say you’d to be a nut job to let someone ink you there forever. I wouldn’t want my girl to take the plunge to get a temporary mark on her eye lid, no one disputes the appeal of the brave alternative: a temporary eyelid tattoo. So, when girls say they look like they came out of horror ordinary make-up and floods, I can’t imagine what character a girl would look like if water drops were to spill over her tattoo of the eyelid. Would the ring’s Samara actually get out of a place other than a TV? I don’t really want to try it.

Tiny Cross Tattoo

This is a very cool and tiny wrist-cross tattoo that you might find suitable for you.

Colored Flower

Not only a normal colored flower, but also a template where you can your loved ones ‘ names.

Watch out for the Handshake!

This awesome model is placed on the wearer’s side, so alert!

A scary D muscle tattoo

D tattoo has been beautifully crafted on the hand to make the hand appear as if some skin were peeled off and some words written on the skin. A pretty scary image but a great tattoo design. Skin peeling is very systematic to what you’d expect if you were involved in an accident.

Geometric Side Tattoo

Which other girls side tattoos can boast of that?

Cute tattoo for best friends

Easy and sweet best freind ankle tattoo This easy and cute ankle tattoo means the bond between two friends even when they are far apart.

Creepy tattoo

Well, it’s a bad tattoo.

The Reaper Tree

of life rising and transforming into death, death the true end of and the harmony between each without the other. This tattoo is beautifully done on the tree’s trunk with excellent shading work and great focus around the knot holes. The upper branches of the tree feature an ultra-fine line web that makes up the offshoots of the tree and brilliantly weaves a skull inside. A beautiful piece that shows the fine line between this and the next life.

Flower carrying butterfly

This flower carrying butterfly is a sign of love.

Half sleeve flower tattoos

Falcon God Horus

Hot Cross Buns

I ought to be in the kitchen, this fun little nugget proclaims. I feel may be in another room with her seductive smile and simple wardrobe. If this is a traditional cooking clothing, the kitchen needs to get pretty hot. The bright pink is an amazing contrast to the teal behind her. And it is a very good idea to write in red rather than black. Who can avoid the sneaky clink.


I really hate having to make assumptions all the time, but I have to assume that this tattoo is about running a marathon because the Roman numerals here translate to. Marathons are miles for those of you that don’t know. You know, I like a tattoo that doesn’t just go out there and say it, but needs some explanation instead. Here, instead of … daily using Roman numerals? What are we naming our number system? Have I not learned anything at school? Then there was the tattoo in # that showed a using chemistry. It really gives an extra tat, don’t you think?

Royal Rose

In this tattoo, I love the line work; it’s whimsical and every element flows well. The crown is small, but large enough not to be missed as it sits on the blue rose (which is quite amazing). I love seeing normal tattoos like this where colors are switched and something as plain as a rose is re-imagined in such a glamorous and elegant way.

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