Amazing Tattoo ideas

Full back and arms Tribal Tattoo

This nearly full body tattoo consists of two types of tattoos. On the back is a tribal style tattoo entirely in black, but the arms have tattoos that contain colors.

Half Wing, Half Flower

This image shows only one of its wings.

Tattoo Sleeves of Polynesia

Leg geisha tattoo

Also not so bad is half leg geisha tattoo.

Mythical Sleeve

Okay, scratch that, no words! It is symbolic of how amazing this that I can’t find the right modifiers to use to describe this piece. Where am I going to start? In this tattoo, the facial features and everything else are beyond anything anything I’ve seen in my life. There’s inimitable elegance everywhere you look. I don’t even remember who is, it doesn’t matter. My guess is that it’s a Greek god because only deities deserve such a heavenly artwork.

Happy fans!

Deathly Hallows best friend tattoos This can be the best friend Deathly Hallows tattoos for friends who love watching Harry Potter series together.

Most Original Pin Up Tattoo Ever

Not strictly a pin-up tattoo in the original sense, either this guy’s arm is too small or his face is too large. But the lips and the baby blue say they’re all pin up. Here the originality is fantastic!

Amazing Sitting Elephant Hand-Finger Tattoo

This model is one of the best tattoo ideas with an elephant’s queer sitting position covering the side of the hand and thumb. The trunk is gracefully long having adjusted to the index finger form and you can only imagine the interesting poses this elephant can do.

Shaded in D Geometric Wolf Tattoo

This one will certainly not complain! The shadings make the wolf look incredible, and we’re not going to take no for an answer! This line art is already close to perfection, even if you don’t want it to be shaded! ‘
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Daniela Duca-Damian Music Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Get Or Get Down Music Tattoos Music tattoos may not have been around for thousands of years, but music has! BC dates back to the oldest evidence people used to make music and listen to it. The Greeks had a way to emphasize certain words, making them sound different and rhythmic. Music was gaining more and more ground as time passed. In his profound writings, Confucius, the famous Chinese philosopher, referred to music. He came to the conclusion that m < em > usic creates a sort of pleasure that human nature can’t do without.</em > Many other celebrities shared their music views, including Shakespeare. For thousands of years, the general opinion on music hasn’t changed. Luckily, we have access to a much broader music range than they have. Music tattoos are a way to express our music devotion. Getting a tattoo somewhere connected to the concept of music is like translating music to pictures. It is known that the musical notes do this accurately, but there are also various symbols that can help us to express our musical feelings. Music tattoos can be classified into two main categories, music lovers and music creators in general. Typically, the first category includes musical notes and headphones together with other visually attractive items such as flowers, ribbons, hearts, compact cassettes, etc. It also features band icons and personal singer portraits. The second category of musical instruments is more concentrated. Individuals have violin tattoos, guitar tattoos, drum tattoos, bass guitar tattoos, microphone tattoos, and so on, depending on the instrument they perform. The technical part of making music is more interesting to them than how it feels. Simple or complex, music tattoos can convey your overall love of music, some group or artist, and some musical instrument. While designing your tattoo, you can be as imaginative as you want, but until then, here are some great examples!

Whole Chest Nautical Tattoo

Designed for the marine and powerful muscular body and everyone who enjoys water, this special chest tattoo features elements of the ocean. A large ship sails intense waves between stormy skies and thunder, while a massive star compass acts as a guide to darkness and challenges.

Unusual Face Tattoo

You knew that some time ago people were so narrow-minded that many controversies arose and even associated facial tattoos with certain negativities such as crime, suicide rates, and depression. Nowadays, though, facial tattoos are imagination, aesthetics, transformation, and even spirituality. That’s why you need to make sure that your designs the best you can when you decide to bring body art to your head. Are you a traveler?

Then for you this would be a great tattoo. Would you like to what’s even more amazing? Coloring with a different color each country you’ve been to. This way, without having to say a single word, can keep track of your travels and show everyone else your passion and accomplishments.

Crescent moon tattoo

Ankles are also good for small ideas for tattoo.

Famous Landmark

can be used as a tattoo for rib cages.

Pluses and minuses for getting a tattoo on your hip

If you have reservations about getting a hip tattoo, you can consider all the advantages and disadvantages you may have in case you get it. Let’s look at the pluses first of all: growing older we can see skin losing its elasticity. It’s one of the reasons for a hip tattoo to lose it’s quality and sharpness.

If you prefer big pictures to small ones, then be ready because they give in to transformations easier because of their size.

Obviously, we can speak about all these things only individually. Most people get a hip tattoo and they don’t have any with it. x

All Seeing Cat

All Seeing Cat

Shoulder Shield

This simple design still looks impressive when properly placed. This shield on the back brings to mind a battle-preparing Samoan fighter. Here the henna shield is hoping to act as useful defense.

Cross of Strength Tattoo

Exquisite black ink lines characterize this cross symbol, with tips beginning from the outer part and gradually diluting towards the middle. The word ‘ Strength ‘ is infused with fluid and flowy script writing in the center of the cross.

Quotes and Dates Cancer Tattoo Ideas

One common cancer tattoo idea is to combine quotes and dates, such as the one above, where a strongly worded quotation is paired with a loved one’s death date. I can only give you some amazing ideas for both genders and a range of designs for every customer to wear. Speak to your artist about the creative ideas you’ve got and you’ll come up with a concept and design you’re going to be proud of.

Micky and Minnie Couple Tattoos

If love is in your mind and you want some representation of personality, what better way to go than tattoo in the most popular mice in the world.

Artist: Nick Baxter

Let’s face it

For everyone, tattoos aren’t. That’s all right, we’re confident in our differences. There is, however, a way for patients with cancer to have some fun and demonstrate their strength and confidence without leaving a permanent mark on their bodies. Such awesomehenna plays are often referred to as crowns of cancer. They go bald head on patients and make exquisite where their hair used to be. The ink is just more of a residue that will eventually come off, but they’re not left as a blank slate in the meantime. I think they’re cool and just as nice as women usually use headscarves to cover up their baldness. Okay, girls, let it all out. Bald is sweet, emphasize it!

Soft Like Flowers

Elephants with flowers begin to appear much more soft in nature. Not all elephants are violent and frightening! ‘ ‘ ‘ White-ink-lace-tattoo”

Sweet Tiger

So sweet is this adorable little boy! For men who are willing to show off their softer side, a good example.

Dreamcatcher and other tattoos

If you don’t want your dreamcatcher to be too flat often, add more colors or items like these beautiful sunflowers and butterflies.

Geometric dreamcatcher tattoo

The tattoo looks good enough with just the outline, but it will get better when you add more light.

Men’s Wing Tattoo Ideas

Wing tattoos look good. Guys love to put tattoos on their hands, back and chest. The tattoo will thus make the observers appreciate their body’s best-looking pieces. Wing tattoos can range from small wings like this one to huge wings that cover the whole back. What is a tattoo on the wing? Okay, let’s try this way. There are wings birds. Tattooing your body’s wings doesn’t guarantee you can fly, but it’s safe.

Thigh Butterfly

This small butterfly seems big enough to cover the thigh.

Discreet face decorations

This girl has something reflecting delicacy, originality, individuality and femininity. Her tattoos on her face are discreet, very small, not at all trashy. On her temple, forehead and chin, she has tiny stars dots. I think she also had a piece of a rose on her forehead, but thanks to her bangs, that’s not too obvious. These tattoos definitely enhance her appearance and in a way make her more interesting.

Small Ribcage Gun Tattoo

The biggest thing about ribcage tattoos is that you can make them big or small and they look great. This part of the body is very appealing, so it’s highly likely to impress people regardless of what the model is.

The ‘ Happy ‘ Finger Tattoo On A Woman

Finger tattoos made on the side of a finger are becoming a phenomenon – just like this one. It reflects joy and cheerfulness with ‘ happiness ‘ painted there. And if you’re someone who believes in being happy and enjoying every moment to the full – that’s the tattoo for you!

Rose In A Girly Frame

Colorful tattoos tend to look more vibrant and natural, so it’s incredible how stunning a rose made from gray colors alone can be. The asymmetrical detailed frame just improves its glamor so that the artist couldn’t select the addition better. Although inscriptions are already a common tattoo style, even more popular are the family saying tattoos. Please love your family members and more, you can use this as a reminder!

Minimalist Gemini Tattoos

Hear me, this sign is not going to get old. For example, take this as a way to place it in a section of your arm that would rarely appear and can be easily covered.

Ambigram sister tattoos

This is an intelligent and creative idea to get sister tattoos. An unclear map of your names.

This cute kitty called Meatball has a flowers crown and a beautiful smile while displaying her fangs. Pet photos can be easily adapted to this type of tattooing. These days, however, not many people are opting for non-realistic tattoos. Realistic tattoos are spectacular in fact, but it’s like printing a skin photo. I want both kinds of tattoos. Would you like to vote for classic or modern?


Are you going to be my beast?

Happy bee best friend wrist tattoos Look at these tattoos! It’s cool, and you can always go for a temporary one if you don’t want a permanent tattoo of a tiny bee on your forearm. It also functions!

Geometric tattoos

Stencil anchor design

This is one of the anchor tattoos d when it comes to uniqueness.

Geometric tattoos

< p>

Stencil Anchor Design

This is one of the anchor tattoos d when it comes to uniqueness.

Octopus Resting Tattoo

A black and white octopus stands above the bright blue water. Here are the body parts that are most appropriate for the octopus tattoo: the wearer’s shoulder is inked with a tiny pastel purple watercolor octopus tattoo. Above is a Giant Pacific Octopus black and white tattoo floating in a coral reef. In this tattoo design, a dot octopus is with a red triangle backdrop. On the underbelly and side of this girl is an extensive, bright orange and blue octopus tattoo. There’s a line-shaded octopus tattoo on the girl’s neck. A skull tattoo of octopus tentacles coming out with a 12-sided dice from the bottom done with black and dark purple aquarelles.
is a comprehensive black octopus tattoo above.
Holds broken steering wheel in a traditional style. A small tattoo of blue octopus covers the wearer’s foot. For brave, intelligent people with a strong character and indomitable willpower, octopus tattoos are therefore. The holder of such a tattoo is not going to be forgotten.

Best Friends Name tattoo

This best friend tattoo doesn’t even need a lot of skill design. Only think of the font in which you want to show your names!

My Broken Fairytale

Everything about this tattoo makes you think of the story of ancient times and mysterious occurrences. Even though it’s not groundbreaking and dark, it’s something that impresses you right from the beginning.

Ever Manliest Tattoo

I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen that one coming. You might have imagined a giant tattoo of blood, flames, and other extreme symbols after seeing the name. Nonetheless, no. It’s not just being strong tough that makes you manly. For their boys, the best, most manly men always have a sweet spot. This tattoo may not look ‘ manly, ‘ but it demonstrates how important your child is to you. And, we know what’s going to happen if someone messed up something that means so to you. You’d no longer be a man, you’d become a beast.

Black Widow with fangs

Most badass tattoos use neo-traditional techniques. That way, things just look better. A realistic fangs tarantula may not be as classic and scary as this one.

Galaxy connection


Butterfly on a line

I like how it looks like this tattoo comes from a signature or reading. Mostly it’s just one line! What a beautiful model. Maybe I could make it look like this to my signature? Although I don’t think anyone is signatures anymore for anything. It also appears from another perspective like a rose. At its best, this is modernism and simplicity, breaking the norm of traditional butterflies.

Leg Tattoos

Flowers and Mandalas Tattoo Sleeves

This image shows a butterfly that becomes messy with a blue aquarelle.

Dreamcatchers back tattoo

The feather also has a leaf design that is distinct from something we always see in the tattoos of the dreamcatcher. With your special things and signs, you may model your dreamcatcher.


Much more detailed is the face of this lunar lady. See the full lips and sultry eyes! What does the mean, I wonder? I like it’s an internal part of the wrist that’s not just a little tat. This one is meant to be seen!

Moon Palace

I feel this one is the most special of all the moon tattoos I’ve seen. like the moon’s Agrabah. I’m just waiting for Aladdin and Jasmine on a magic carpet to come out of the city. Wonderful tattoo. I’m sure the behind this must be interesting.

Dragon Fire

This vivid piece is at the forefront of the classic dragon.

Fearless to the end

Lovely Arabic Tattoos To Inspire You

Not only do these tattoos look lavish, they are very enigmatic as well. There is a cursive series of letters in Arabic font and Arabic tattoos that make them look divine and out of this world. You can get anything in the Arabic font you want to write. And you can also use other symbols to decorate your quote or a phrase. Whether you love Arabic or art, and it has something to do with your roots, Arabic tattoos are always a good way to communicate your thoughts and messages. Such tattoos can turn out to be fantastic pieces of art in combination with meaningful (Arabic) sayings. Therefore, the tattoo will always be shrouded in mystery because many people won’t understand the tattoo’s true meaning.
We’ve prepared for you so many awesome Arabic tattoos, as well as some words you could use as an inspiration for your next tattoo. Continue reading and check it out.

Music to my ears

With lovely attention to detail, this tiny colibris tattoo is beautiful dainty as it flies here behind the eye. Have you ever heard that colibris can hear better than humans? Some cute little animals!


Yes, butterfly made from butterflies. Whether the butterflies merge or split, I’m not sure, but this tattoo might have some deep meanings behind it. The butterflies could unite to destroy all mankind. I say, who do you know? I love the holes in the wings that create shapes, and this idea’s originality.

Lazy Days

Palm ankle tattoos are great for those socks. There’s something about a palm that’s just making me want a rest.

Feels like Christmas

Who said the wolves couldn’t be sweet? This tattoo of the wolf is cute. We love it!

military, but not firearms. These are the people who have dedicated their lives to those who are fighting for us all’s well-being. If you’re planning to be a medical doctor in the army, or you’re planning to dedicate a tattoo to a fellow medical doctor, here’s a nice idea.


Mermaids and snakes may not be the first pair you would picture when you think of mermaids, but they can coexist very coolly. Here the scales of the mermaids are more snake scales than fish scales, the diamondback worked in. The snake coils around her chest, stomach, and breast, covering her up, adding a pleasant bit of depth to the piece. This is no color tattoo that, despite lack of color, stands out.

cool tattoos

I think this one should be a cool tattoo for every rockstar. I love these colors! John Anderton does the thisskull tattoo.

Polynesian Mandalas

This is an interesting mix of two styles.

Best tattoos for diamonds:

One with Nature

Black and gray are essential colors in full sleeve tattoos. Some lighter shades, however! The tattoo would not have been as impressive had it not featured the bright orange flames.

Mini Moons

This little map is a lovely little moon ode.

Tattoo Justice Scales

Hidden in Clear View

Zodiac Scorpion Tattoos

Many people think they have scorpion tattoos because they were born under the mark. Thankfully there are plenty of models to choose from.

One Day at a Time

This is often ignored, but we should really live one day at a and take it as it happens every day. It seems crazy to worry about things that didn’t even happen in advance, isn’t it? This tattoo is also fitting for someone who has experienced any major changes in his / her life and loves this reminder.

Two butterflies

A pair of butterfly tattoos on a girl’s back refers to the joy of marriage.

Dear Father

Even affecting men. Everything I like about this ribbon is that it’s not just the usual red, but because the sufferer is a male, one side of it is done in blue. Helping all those affected by this disease, not just women, is vital.

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Amazing Forearm Sunflower

Did you know that thousands of years ago a sunflower was used as a sign in Inca culture? Sunflowers were worshiped by Incas because they were a representation of their Sun God. A beautiful like this can be used to symbolize your joy, friendliness, and even your year’s favorite time – summer time!

Chin up for ink

Chin tattoos are becoming increasingly popular! They look very odd, but really cool at the same time, whether they’re painted, like this one, or not. This chin tattoo appears to be made of small ice crystals arranged in an orderly manner as a continuation of a neck tattoo. The lines are very straight. I wonder if someone could pull off this sort of with a double chin. What do you think about it?


The Buddha is portrayed by many statues in Asia. Some of them are massive and stone carved. A part of the shoulder portrays a stone Buddha worshiped by what seems to be a monk. The dedication to the image of Buddha obvious, making it a very strong piece of art.

Heart battles a scale brain

Not a traditional Libra tattoo, this one is absolutely genius. Many people on different sides of a scale put the Sun and the Moon, but this individual chose to put a heart and a mind. I think this is because it speaks of actual, not metaphorical, struggles. It also works great color and line!

Hummingbird Tattoo

Isn’t this one of the most beautiful tattoos you’ve ever seen?! The bleeding colors in flight are as radiant as a colibris! Designed to look like it flaps its wings like crazy, this piece of art represents everything I love about the world’s beautiful, flighty wonders. I love the fact that this whimsical tattoo of colibris even has a rose, so there’s absolutely no about what this bird is.

Tattoo in the middle of the back

This tattoo means a love that’s difficult if not impossible to see. It can mean a love that’s always there, but for whatever reason you’re not able to face it completely. It’s a tattoo that anyone can get because of the place.

Tattoo in the middle of the back

This tattoo means a love that’s difficult if not impossible to see. It can mean a love that’s always there, but for whatever reason you’re not able to face it absolutely. It’s a tattoo that anybody can get because of the place.

Lucy and Orla

If you have beautiful daughters, a nice font like this would work!

Mermaid tattoos can be pretty small and look awesome as long as they don’t have a lot of details.

Interesting tribal rib tattoos and designs

tribal rib tattoos Looking for intrepid and feral tribal rib tattoos? Many tribal culture trends may be inspiration for fascinating ribcage tribal tattoos.

kokeshi doll

Lipstick tattoos are commonly found on the chest, but a different path is chosen. the lips appear on the wrist area (almost what you’d expect from an article on wrist tattoos, right) surrounded by what looks like little poison bottles. I wasn’t sure about the poison at first, then I found the negative skull and the secret crossbones in the eyes. Wonderful! It’s a sweet on death’s kiss. The henna plant is associated with good vibes and divine beings.


This tattoo has all the amazing features of a traditional retro throwback piece. It has the traditional style of Sailor Jerry and many of the most popular images of tattoo. Butterflies, hearts, a pin, and a few nautical pictures. To shape a kind of homage to conventional tattooing, everything fits together so well.

Force comes with pain

Another kind of take on what doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger.

Black art

Like a Dreamcatcher

can have many meanings. Those traits are not wolves!

Leo Tattoos King of Hearts

Not only is the tattoo itself significant, but it can also mean a lot. If you get a lot of tattoos, finding the right spot becomes even more difficult, but a big piece like this is great for the chest. Either put on right side, just above the heart, or on the left side of the chest, it really sticks out on the pectorals. Click this link to show more cool chest parts. The lion has a wispy, reflective look about him. He’s not confident, but he’s the powerful silent man.

Three Small Birds

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