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Left shoulder Rihanna tattoos

Rihanna’s decimal numbers are her best friend Melissa Forde’s birthday. Melissa Forde did the same thing as well.

Dark Tattoos

Anklet Foot Tattoo on Woman’s Foot

While foot tattoos depicting anklets and other jewelry pieces are becoming pottery.


Ornamental Background

This tattoo’s moon phases are accompanied by a wonderful of line art. Each curve and straight line add up to the beauty of the whole piece of tattoo. In the stars, we love attention to detail!

What are the two tattoos?

The majority of lovebirds may be troubled by the possibility of ending their relationships one day. The fear may scare away those who are able to have the symbols on their bodies. Look! Whether the relationship is or not, it doesn’t matter. What’s left in your heart and memories is the great experience you’ve had with the other half. There’s a reason you have to smile for those whose relationships will continue to grow. You’ll be looking at the best times you’ve had with your loved one and those coming right on your body — that little coordinating tattoo model. It’s just a sign of great love.

Heart Ring

Sometimes even charms represent the best emotions, this one speaks of

Carpe Diem Sparrow

Banners are useful for quote tattoos, especially with other tattoos. They bring out the words.

Rose tattoo symbolism and meanings

As a symbol of love, it can be a representation of being in love, when the rose has no thorns, or as something to remind you that love will never come without sacrifices while the thorns remain.

The Monkey of Deep Thought


An ambigram is a picture which represents a word in one way, but it spells another word when turned on its face. The term is the same in this case, rendering it an ambigram of the palindrome. The word is done in dark flowing script, and either way can be written. Whoever Jasmin is, to get such a big dark piece on his side, he must really love her. here for more creative branding tattoos.


Sleepdeepdreamwell originally posted.

All kinds of graphics

You can find some patterns hidden in it if you look closely at ears and trunk region!

Keep quiet and hold yarn

Traditional, traditional part, this isn’t one of the crochet tattoos you’ll see often. It includes a common type of message that last year took over the Internet and flowers reflecting the fashion of the old school. If your goal is to mix old with new, you will definitely find inspiration here!

Sea Charms Capricorn

A Royal Pair

Another variation of the King and Queen tattoo (or Prince and Princess like) is a reminder of strength, loyalty, love and beauty. Such crown tattoos are suitable for any country, intricate line work with vibrant, colors.

Very Mexican tattoo

I think this tattoo says it all if you want to recapture what Mexico is all about!

Sister Tattoos

Batman and joker tattoo

Compared to the usual batman logo, I like this tattoo.

Dragon Ball Om

I just realized that combining a symbol of peace and prosperity with fire-breathing beast seems to be somewhat counterintuitive. But that’s all right, I still like this om tattoo! Nice colors – or what’s that pop?

Cover stomach tattoos

because it can be protected. You can now use the scar that used to scare you to shock so many people. This tattoo is a great example of a tattoo cover-up.

Roses are Red and Manly



Flying Upward

Another stunning back tattoo for hummingbirds. The flowers here almost like pink hearts that I also love. If the feather at the bottom is your favorite part of this tattoo, check out awesome feather tattoos here.

Changes, excitement and unique skull tattoos

Amazing skull tattoos surrounded by fire flames! Even though fire has many meanings, I think we can summarize it and call it a symbol of change, passion and unusual knowledge. For this particular tattoo, the first two attributes fit best. The work itself has been beautifully done as it has been awarded!

Every Hour Wounds

This incredible tattoo is amazing to look at but also brings a message to the audience. The text reads vulnerant olmnes ultima necat which translates to All (hours) wound, the last kills. This phrase can be seen on solar clocks. A reminder to enjoy every hour we have and to live life to the full.

Two Hearts

You can never go wrong with a simple heart (I have one on my ankle), and these ladies made a nice selection by putting their red teens. A sweet sign of mom and daughter’s affection.

Tattoos Ribs Moon

Classic Anchor

Admittedly, the anchor tattoo is a classic and can be found in many ankle tattoos.

tortoise side tattoo

tortoises are powerful spiritual icons in many cultures throughout the world. They are known as a positive change-inspiring force. Patience, patience, strength, innocence, harmony and knowledge can be symbolized by turtles.


Random Heroes Chest Tattoos

Hippie tattoo

I’d really like to paint this tattoo.

Happy Place Tattoos

Drift away with these vivid, clear palm tree and sunset tattoos to a desert island oasis. Clear line work and bold color blocks make this matching pair beautiful as well as enjoyable. Sometimes we all our own desert island paradise, or perhaps all the time so a sweet way to say ‘ I love you ‘ would be inviting one’s partner to meet you that island, and presto – a tattoo to just say that. The best part of this ink I have to say is the stunning orange to yellow transformation the setting sun, it really gives this piece a tropical look. Simplicity always rules the day, and this tattoo is a catchy way to say in paradise Found a happy spot.

Crown Tattoo shoulder

You know that a crown can symbolize many more private things in your life. For example, your noble thoughts and actions are also symbolized by a crown tattoo. It may also reflect your emotionally status. You can also have a personal meaning in your crown tattoo, the one you come up with for it. If you get matching crown tattoos with your partner, for example, your tattoo would reflect the little pact you made.

Best male and female tribal tattoo design

Flower Bouquet

Without mentioning the flower themes, you can not delve into tattoo The poppy flower in the form of eternal sleep is synonymous with death, but it can also signify peace and remember those who died in a Funnily enough, we can see another form of flower on the same tattoo, the peony flower, symbolizing beauty and richness. Now, I’m not sure how peace and wealth flow together, but they make up an elegant temporary tattoo I’d wear for one or two days.

Mercurial two-faced beauty

Zodiac tattoos representing Gemini are rarely made up of animals rather than humans. If you are looking with the help of an animal to represent your zodiac sign, then choose the wolf. Why? It’s to Remus and Romulus. Gemini are eloquent and intelligent, hence the role of this girl. Their portraits are naive and neo-traditional style.

Skeleton Portrait

Could a skeleton prayer portrait be a great combination on the back that eight-legged creature, right? Loves it. Loves it.

Finger name tattoo

Rather than having wedding rings that can slip easily from your finger and get misplaced, how about a tattoo instead?

As mentioned earlier, Japanese tattoos make amazing sleeve designs, and if you like Japanese tattoos, check out our list of Japanese tattoos here.

Calavera Catrina

This tattoo is very successful in its retro style.

Laughing Skull Army Tattoo

This form of army tattoo is vibrant and bold, emblazoned with fine ink injection on the forearm, producing very clean lines and excellent color intensity. Featuring a soldier’s skull in the army helmet with the iron cross painted across the front, this is a great composition we can see progressing into a sweet homage tattoo from the U.S. Army. In service, a soldier gives his life to his country and this tattoo of the skull army does that feeling in fine style justice.

Mismatched Animal Pair

Now these tattoos are nearby. The teeth of those dogs, the skull below and the long bones on the scale underline a ghastly tale in the making. Keep your legs at all times far from each other!

Do not be afraid of an object above your head!

See this beautiful model. This bull tattoo has color beauty and features within it, and those eyes can’t beat!

Princess Snookie

Snookie, don’t you? MTV reality show AKA Nicole Polizzi, Jersey Shore. Yeah, this is the one. This is her crown tattoo anyway — as bold and vivid as her unique personality. Tattoos of the Crown, Snookie? Oy vey. This was apparently her first arm tattoo she did in Vegas. For her, the crown is a solid, independent woman, while the tiny cross on top is for remembering passing loved ones, but also for being Catholic.

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Crown back tattoo

This heart-topped crown I really like. The descriptions are detailed and vivid with a banner bearing either the person’s name or a loved one’s name. I like the concept of crowning with something other than a particularly if you don’t see the crown as a sign of faith. You can add a heart like this individual or a four-leaf clover, a paw print or even a cheeseburger! Everything you love! That’s all that matters when you get a tattoo, as long as it makes you happy.

Octopus Chest Tattoo

Around us there are so many creatures that can all have a symbolic meaning. Take, for example, the pulp. Perhaps you never thought of its symbolic significance. Octopi usually involves will, concentration mystery, strategy, and even complexity and intelligence. They may also reflect the adaptability and unpredictability of one.


Bible verse

You can choose a verse of the Bible which is very important to you and then you can choose a verse of the Bible. With this, the verse will always be honored.

Hand key

I don’t know what that means. You normally see a key and a heart lock, I couldn’t think of anyone with a hand lock.

Back Lotus Flower Tattoo

This tattoo of the lotus flower is different from the previous one. Do you see the difference? Okay, the previous flowers have been pretty empty, while this one is ‘ filled in. ‘ Lotus flower tattoos are stunning, symbolizing divine beauty. Lotus with unfolded leaves represents one’s soul’s expansion.

Double Lost Souls

Take life chances

Maybe for some people, but not for this guy, the concept of afterlife is soothing. He believes he has one life and one opportunity to do what she wants to do and achieve. Definitely empowering this way thinking. I like the font she chose for her tattoo. Her option says a lot about her, she’s feminine, but she’s not delicate. If you’re not inspired enough by the tattoo itself, she should be! What do you think of this tattoo?

Watercolor Puzzle Heart Piece

It’s stunning, vibrant imaginative. It has the same meaning as our pizza, Tetris, and missing puzzle piece tattoo previously mentioned. Yet, this one is heart-only. And heart is great for tattoos for couples. That makes this tattoo special is also that as we are used to it, the heart is not red or purple. Core all kinds of colors in (and out of) it.

War Sleeve

This traditional tribal look gives the impression that a war can take place. ‘msure we can expect one of those amazing dances to ignite the crowd before the fight.

More Abstract

scraped boldly twice, titling the piece. The background imagery of a skull and flower almost looks like fresh bruises, and while some sections are out of proportion, this tattoo gives me a very raw overall feeling that reminds me of dark comic book art, I love it.

Jesus, Mother Mary, and Angels Tattoo

This upper arm sleeve tattoo shows Mother Mary holding Jesus Christ’s body following his crucifixion, with an angel over it.

Creative Infinity

is the term you want to personalize.

Get a Little Abstract

I am thinking of Andy Warhol for some reason. The lion’s head has same smug look. The lines and patterns on it almost make it look like a person in the middle of a lion transformation. He becomes the man. This one has a lot of human qualities to it, which makes looking at it very interesting. It’s also fascinating with the abstract lines and atters.The short choppy mane gives it a little more modern look, a little less brawler and a thinker. The only words I can think of to explain this are unique and individual.

White Ink Full Sleeve

This white ink full sleeve tattoo would have made it number one spot in any countdown but not in this one. Why? When you hang around, you’ll know. It’s mind-boggling to say the least, the sheer number of tattoos, the complex layout and the amount of talent it would have taken to bring this to life. This tattoo model is so lightweight, so ornate that you’d wonder how a tattooer or skin could work together to create this magnum opus. In every step, there is creativity and There was no rock or tattoo technique left unturned with this white ink tattoo.
Nice and mushy

Heart tattoos

. Luckily, she found a man ready to get the same tattoo.

Cute cross tattoo on a girl’s back

This is one of the best cross tattoo ideas on a girl’s The tattoo itself is plain. It’s completely black with some fancy designs or four tips at the crosses.

Diamonds and Arrows

The arrow of Cupid fired through a diamond instead of a heart. This is a model that is different but very cool.
A crowned diamond tattoo can actually make you a queen for a day or as long as you’ve got it on you.
If it’s not enough for a diamond tattoo, how about it?
Cool model for women is a blue diamond tattoo, red lipstick, white pearl necklace and yellow high heels.
Instead of a few diamonds, it is also very special and nice to have a few diamond tattoos.
This tattoo is very bright. However, because of its complexity, the tattoo artist may have a hard time doing this.
A woman’s sweet tattoo is a diamond model named after the man she loves above.
A carrot tattoo model would definitely fit you for those who are health-conscious.
This tattoo is heavy on the arm. Thinking about the layout of a sentence!
A tattoo showing all the other gems inside a clam together with a diamond.
Full royal makeover may be a diamond tattoo with roses and a crown.
A rare blue diamond tattoo design. Get a Free Custom Diamond Tattoo Design Quote:

‘ ‘
‘ Instead of spelling out the word LOVE, replacing the letter ‘ o ‘ with a diamond would also be nice and exclusive.
This tattoo is certainly for you for those who look forward to life.
This tattoo looks like a wound from a diamond’s sharp end.
Definitely a unique model is a heart-shaped diamond tattoo.
This tattoo will help you float into and out of infinity!
A tattoo model with a large anchor diamond can make a statement.
This is a unique design with the words Crazy diamond shine on you. We use not many tattoos that have words shaped like a diamond.
This tattoo shows the diamond cut wrist bleeding.
Red diamond + ribbon = Great combination
A deer horn diamond looks nice.
With all the colors on it, a diamond tattoo with flowers around it looks amazing.
The real deal can be a diamond skull tattoo with a ribbon and many more designs.

Lisianthus flower tattoo

The Lisianthus flower is one of the many flowers people love. If you have one beautifully painted on your wrists, your love for flowers can display.

Peace, music and flowers

Slightly changed, it looks nice next to the orange plants. There’s the symbol of peace in the middle of the key. Music is beautiful and peaceful, so it makes sense to have this tattoo. It looks like a custom design, not taken from albums full of tattoos, for a certain man. With a purpose, that coin is placed there. It is intended to give you an idea of the scale of this tattoo.

Unique wolf tattoo

< < < < < This means that this tattoo is all love!

Wolf And Tiger Sleeve Tattoo

Red flower pot

Except for flower enthusiasts, I can not think of anyone who wants a flower p. This is another big part of tattoos for children’s art. You can be eager to get tattoos that you never thought you could get. It’s a present for you, so enjoy it!

Butterfly Tattoos

As their first ever ink, women often get butterfly tattoos. There are increasing numbers of young ladies who opt for this feminine and beautiful body art. We belong to each other to be very honest women and butterflies and have so many things in common. Insects are not among the most anger tattoo designs, butterflies are an exception. Butterfly tattoos are a womanly tattoo and come in a wide range of contours and sizes: multi-colored or purely black, stylised or authentic as a monarch. Butterfly tattoos for women and girls are almost definitely the most popular design. It is suggested that you use your butterfly to incorporate some natural This will help make your tat more enjoyable. Natural elements such as flowers, vines, leaves etc.
It means fortuitousness when a butterfly landes on you in a number of ethnicities. Every girl has the fantasy of once in a lifetime touching them. Such lovely delicate creatures apart from the widespread humors the butterfly is destroyed by the brush of wings. The butterfly tattoo is attractive without overly romantic or flowery. Butterflies have always been a visual arts aid, such as ancient Egypt’s hieroglyphics.

Minimalist Line Angel Wing Finger Pair Tattoos

Pretty delicate angel wings on thumbs beautiful little tattoo girl Tiny angel tattoos can also be worn on her hands. The wearer is inked on each thumb with a streamlined angel hand.

Angel Tattoo gladiator

, or defensive dress in leather.

Tie Tattoo Fighter

Phoenix Shoulder Tattoo

A beautiful beast is a phoenix. We graciously rise from ashes after we die, ready to continue their lives right where they left off. Generally speaking, a phoenix tattoo depicts regeneration, life development. This tattoo, however, can also reflect your strength, imagination, healing and can be used for good luck as well. Two phoenixes should also be considered. Two phoenixes together are the perfect balance in Chinese mythology.

Rainbow Splatter

Oh, isn’t that sweet? This makes me think of frosting and sprinklin, which is always a good thing. Simple and elegant but whimsical. I like that.

Fairy Tattoos

Fairy tattoo success is fast nurturing. And this juicy and sexy creature of fantasy was gradually moving to tattoo studios from fantasy books and comics. Here is a great collection of girls ‘ fairy tattoos. Above is a beautifully done tattoo on a hottie’s shoulder blade. Fairy tattoos have a melancholy appeal in their hearts and minds for those who lovingly retain their childhood. And the desire to keep the pictures of their childhood on an ongoing basis. Such tattoos are a pictogram of our youth in this intellect. They live in wonderland in keeping with the legend and can take people there with them. There is little agreement to how large fairies are, and human-like they were in appearance, according to fairy tales. The fairy of the smaller type of Tinkerbell is just one elucidation.

Cat tattoo

If you love your fur balls so much, you can atattoo them. Pawbeat

We’d be dead without a heartbeat. Many people say that music is their life, others equate a loved one with life, souls, and heartbeats. There are also men, however, who couldn’t imagine living without a furry companion. Or maybe two?

Blood flow

At first it seems like a mysterious tattoo or as if the heart itself is confused, but it’s all part of our own life blood dance. This tattoo portrays how our heart carries our blood into our bodies. It’s part of a complex system that keeps us alive every day.

Beach Tattoos For Men

You’ve never seen a series of stunning tattoo designs like this.

Here you can use filigree design to make your tattoo more elegant and showy. We’re sure you’ve selected for you a filigree tattoo design.

Black Cat Tattoo

Cat tattoo on the back of the neck seems to be larger than it is.

Strong Lace

So far,

– Day tattoos

What was it that they thought!? Maybe they’ve been drinking, maybe they’re the most dumb people on the planet … hey, maybe some of them you’ll like. But these are our picks for Read More’s Worst Tattoos

Best Anchor Tattoos –

Men’s Sunflower Tattoo

What did we just mean about women’s sunflower tattoos? This guy right here is inked on his shoulder with a vivid, blooming sunflower and it can’t look more fine!

Army Tattoos – Express Your Love for Freedom Defenders

Army tattoos to show respect for those serving, those serving, and those serving one day. These are soldier badass tattoos. War never changes, a popular series of video games says. Army tattoos are a very cool way to pay respect to the people fighting in those wars and also to the people staying at home patiently waiting for them. American people love tattoos of this kind because their military is typically really proud of them. No wonder that most of the tattoos you’re going to find online are Japanese. This is another trend to be respected, as many of the tattoos are in memory of people who have fallen in the struggle for freedom. Some army tattoos will have very simple, easy-to-identify elements like helmets, sometimes masks, explosives, and more. Some have quotations on memory and courage. Between army tattoos, there are not many variations, they are in a large picture serious character and respect. So if you’re proud of your soldiers, or you’re just a lover of military music, check out some of these designs. something you might notice that catches your attention.


Simple insect but well done info.

Artistic Butterfly Tattoo

Now you can call it art. There are so many interconnected motivations, pictures and statistics that can cause us to wonder for days what they are. And what about the knife between the wings of the butterfly? Feminine, attractive, but at the same time scary.


A simple piece of forearm is common among girls ‘ sexy tattoos.

Elephant Tattoo Manly-Man

Watercolor Fantasy

If you want something very exciting, this might be the choice for you. It is very vibrant, stunning and will never fail to impress. All its features make it completely memorable for anyone who sees it. The colors blend and shape a pleasant mix.

Dark Mark

I can’t say that I’m so shocked by the dark lovers, because we’re all searching for energy, and even immortality, if ever possible. This is precisely what is reflected by the dark mark on the left forearm. (When Voldermort emerges, all hell breaks loose!) Love the clear way that this artist has made the snake go through the skull’s mouth and stretch to his hand. It’s a mighty mark!

Seal it with a kiss

This is a sweet and childlike concept that the sentimentalist in me has quickly awakened. Let’s all go to Disneyland and experience the solidity of these mice’s friendship. There is a clear disconnection to what might waiting out there, pleased with their exuding affection. It’s already been years. Content to match up with more tattoos?

Daniel likes to spend time outdoors

sun and moon tattoos

Ursula’s World

The invisible strings in Ursula’s hands simply control each of the classic mermaid portrayed in the middle with her leading man in the crystal ball. Shading and focusing in all the right places make this a vivid fantasy for mermaid Arial in a nightmare. Now I’m the ocean’s boss. The waves follow all my commands! ”.


This amazingly colorful Buddha tattoo is one of my favorites in the group. It looks like the statue is underwater, exposed only to the head. The green patina has set in, showing through a little of the original bronze paint. I like it because it looks natural, it might really be a statue of the Buddha if it wasn’t made on flesh so beautifully.

Hummingbird Tattoo

Show Me The World

This piece is a reference to the nautical origins of tattoos. There is the compass which seems to be the anchor of a circle of vessels. The world map is at the middle of the compass, and we can see a number of stars on the left shoulder. This wonderful piece is a beautiful reminder that not all wanderers are lost, and keeping your head to the skies. World map tattoos does not hurt to make great additions to any area of the body.

Purity and beauty of Lotus Flower Side Tattoo

. A white lotus in Buddhism symbolizes the peak of achievement and is often called the Buddha’s Flower. However, the white lotus is described as a target one should aim as well as the conclusion of one’s spiritual journey. Wild Lion Tattoos That Will Make You Feel Like A King

nicki – boss for all the pets, true king in the wild. If you hurt he won’t harm you.

Inverted Tattoo

This black butterfly flies its abdomen downwards.

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