Finger Skull tattoos

That’s a better way to say “to death,” right?

Calf skull tattoo

This calf tattoo starts below the knee and ends above the ankle. It’s simple–not very detailed–but beautiful. Under the skull’s upper jaw, there’s a vortex-like design with something that looks like a blue fish going into it.

Native American skull tattoos

This tattoo design is chosen by many descendants of Native Americans to show their love for their heritage. This one looks like the tribe’s most respected and feared Indian chief. The feathers follow the reality of her bodyline that underlines her curves. A tattoo that is very flattering!

Sugar skull

I like the nose-shaped like hearing. I’d like this more if the skull’s face had more color.

Octopus and Scuba Diver Skull

An octopus black and white tattoo curling around a scuba diver’s skull is shown.

Full Side SkullTattoo

Skullsmake sweet or regular tattoos!

Smirking skull in the clover of the leaf

This tattoo’s wearer obviously does not associate luck with death. This implies that this green design is just a really cool addition to the smirking skull. Or, it might have the effect of being too fortunate. I am referring to individuals who, because they can afford it, forget where they come from or those who plunge into vices.

Unique sugar skull tattoo”

Flowered sugar skull

” This seductive tattoo is made by tattoo artist Led Coult.

Heel SkullTattoo

“Naturally, women can get tattoos on their skull. From the big ones to the small ones they can choose. A skull tattoo sometimes makes a individual feel more courageous or courageous. Or, it can be a small sign that indicates everyone that you can be fatal, no matter how sweet you may be, if someone messes with you.

Sugar Skull Make-up Portrait Frida Kahlo

” I enjoy it!

Galaxy SkullTattoo

“You should always be prepared to interpret your tattoo, particularly a skull tattoo, because individuals may misinterpret it very probably. This tattoo, for instance, is really lovely. The universe is infinite, and skulls can also be linked with the afterlife of eternal life. This tattoo may be the endless circle of life. But, until you explain it to them, some individuals may not understand this.

See no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil hand and skull D tattoo

” Originally published by Emil Devantie Brockdorff ”

Death in a bottle of skull tattoos

Alcoholism is a sure way to self-destruction and eventually to death. This tattoo very obviously portrays this message and it does it in an artistic manner! Details were attentive to the tattoo artist who managed to create this masterpiece. I’m saying this because it took time to ink the alcohol air bubbles. This design could be a reminder of killing alcohol or it could have been done in the memory of someone who died from alcohol.

Golden skull and dead tree tattoo on arm”

Another realistic tattoo with lots of details. The golden skull stands out, but the dead tree captures the imagination. The black brush strokes create a perfect frame for this piece of art. The tattoo skull design is so well done that it can stand alone without the tree and the brush strokes.

Skull Covering

This fantastic realism chest tattoo is striking to see. Covering the skull’s eyes and mouth reminds us that while we’re trying to hide from death, we can’t hide forever.

Sugar skull tattoo and other stuff

The skull was drawn to include some floral detail on its forehead with a triangle-shaped cross symbol at its top in the center of the forehead. An eye was put right under the skull encircled by some love shape models.


Hidden SkullTattoo

“Sometimes the tattoo’s beauty and real significance may not be immediately noticeable. You may want to get a tattoo on your skull, but you may not want others to see it right away. It’s really a smart idea to hide your tattoo in such a mysterious manner as in the picture above!

Octopus in SkullTattoo

“An octopus tattoo hiding inside a skull with its tentacles squirming around the girl’s hip.

Steampunk poetic skull tattoo on the whole side of the chest

This big tattoo says a tale. The skull is the clock that indicates time running out. Five minutes to midnight. Black ink blots can also be drawn as blood stains. The poem itself is in French but any thought-provoking poem can work.

Creepy one-eyed skull with acloak on

It’s a question of reaching the correct equilibrium of dark and light, white and black, life and death, as seen on the forearm in this butterfly tattoo.

Skull and Flower Tattoo

“A butterfly tattoo on the girl’s stomach also indicates life and death due to a scull sign and a flower Tattoo butterfly in the East symbolizes femininity, joy, grace, and a few waving flowers is a symbol of family joy.

Detailed Skulls And HeartTattoo

“Tattoo on the girl’s chest–core, two skulls and flowers It feels like these very detailed skulls chain the heart with barbed wire, not allowing it to love freely. Although the contents are macabre, the design is so complex and well-designed that nothing but “beautiful” can be called.

Men’s chest tattoo skulls and faces

Hear no evil, see no evil, talk no evil.

Skull and Mandela Back Tattoo Design Idea

Mandala drawn for the upper portion in a triangle, then a skull traced in the lower portion. Using black ink improved the design.


Indian Chief Headdress Sugar Skull

I believe the tattoo artist has done a wonderful job and who ever intended it. The place is ideal for this layout as well.

Tiger, skull, wolf and swallow

This man received some sick tattoos for himself. His arm is full of designs encircled by the ever-present flowers with different kinds of animals. He split his arm into colors hot and cold. You will see that his forearm is mostly inked with hot colors if you look carefully. This is excellent taste and dedication evidence! For more tattoos of the arm.


Sugar skull

Sugar skull tattoos are very common due to their lovely design and significance. You can have it in many colors or keep it simple in black and gray and still have the same beauty effect. We also have Dead Tattoos article’s Best Day if you want to see more tattoo designs for sugar skulls. Girls ‘ tattoos.

Forearm SkullTattoo

“Some time ago it was thought that individuals with skull tattoos were in some cult. But nowadays, bikers are using skull tattoos to portray them. Biker groups generally have skull logos and enjoy showing their tattoos on their skulls. No, they’re not morbid. They merely show the world that they love to live their own dangerous life they have selected. This tattoo is a fantastic illustration of a biker’s tattoo.

Dead Tattoo Day Sugar Skulls and CorsicanWomen

All David Corden pin ups.


Skull cross-hatching

Cross-hatching without shading is primarily a drawing method, but can also be used in tattooing. Looking like a scholar, the character of this skull is highlighted by the hat he wears. A’s rep, his picture is confident, charming, and far from frightening or harmful. When you leave your hat on, nothing bad can occur!

Petal Tattoo Skull

“This black and white skull hijacks a lift on the throat of this girl. A tattoo among us more daring.

Skull FootTattoo

With the skull in the middle, the tattoo feels more morbid than joyful. Nevertheless, the flowers surrounding the human skull represent beauty in death. A small bow on the head as well as petals sticking out from the back serve to portray death as just another phase of our life. One of his eye sockets seems empty while the other has an eye. A four-card boney hand was drawn just below the skull.

Sugar Skull Tattoo Significance

“Beautiful, sexy, hot girls side tattoos.

Skullhead Death MothTattoo

Captivating beauty is what this death moth holds with its skull head and extensive wings. The antenna and wings of the insect follow the contour of the shoulder blades while its body rests in the middle. Vines with abundant leaves stretch at the back and bend at the ends to improve the picture.

The realistic skull appears to be melancholic or deep in mind. The fallen leaf is beautifully colored, as if it were fresh from the graveyard. A narrower version of this tattoo on the arm, back, or shoulder would also look good. One of many great ideas for tattoo.

Eye candy sugar skull

Sugar skull tattoo on wrist

This is a temporary tattoo if you don’t notice it, but it would also look good if you always get it. The size is nice and despite its size, I enjoy the small information.

Hollow Skull-Winged Butterflies

Butterflies are believed to mean life and death, which is eminent in this back tattoo that lingers on the top correct shoulder. Their wings are filled with hollow skull patterns, the larger creature with extensive wings, while the smaller ones fly in the shadows of the butterfly.

Light in dark skull tattoos

If the skull represents darkness, it would be suitable to say that the light from within is positive. Light is a sign of hope in the dark. If a skull is still literally filled with light, no matter how bad things are, then there’s nothing to worry about! Things have a way to sort out themselves.

Sunflower in the Skull

“It is difficult to think, but yes, sunflower tattoos may still appear morbid! This one right here demonstrates a skull poking sunflower that we can securely assume is female. We’re saying that only because a bun ties the skull’s hair.

Epic skull tattoo on a guy’s arm

This black and white skull tattoo is nothing brief of amazing. The tattoo portrays a skull with an olive branch positioned around its head.

Skull FootTattoo

Unique sugar skull tattoo

“I believe this design is great! A wreath of roses on the head of the skull that gives it a kind of feminine vibe. And the skull’s grin truly makes it look like the skull itself is proud of its appearance.

Amazing Wrist Sugar SkullTattoo

“Believe it or not, sugar tattoo size is also very crucial. Small sugar skull tattoos usually depict children’s or baby’s souls. Logically, adults are represented by larger skull tattoos. If you only get one sugar skull tattoo, you can choose the size you want. But be careful about the size of the skulls if you go for more.

Octo-Skull Tattoo

A distorted skull with octopus tentacles coming out, winding its way around the upper arm and shoulder, this tattoo is a reincarnated vision of death, like the octopus moved into a cranium shell and now glides through the abyss hanging over everything it meets. This inscription features good line work and pleasant emphasis and combined with great, fine shading job makes for a really cool, courageous design that will be worn as a dark totem to avoid poor spirits and a morbid honor badge to be taken to the tomb. If you’re a skull tattoo fan, here’s one of our favorite Dead Tattoo Day. Ready for more tattoo designs for octopus?

(almost) Matching Thigh Skull Tattoos

“Sometimes only one skull tattoo is not sufficient! You may have some ideas that can not be integrated into a single tattoo on the skull. No worries, two skull tattoos can always be obtained. Considering that these are two big tattoos of sugar skull, they may also depict the two souls of the dead.

Sugar skull and Russian doll

Who believed a mixture of Russian doll and sugar skull tattoo would be such a great idea!

Owl Sugar Skull Tattoo

“Who claims that skulls are not girls? D Some information like flowers, bows, purple colour, heart / flower-shaped eyes, and tattoo will look hard but girly at the same moment. You can demonstrate everyone that you’re feminine, but hard. Why did this individual match the owl (night predator, generally wisdom symbol) with a skull, what do you believe?

Winged skull chest tattoo

Skull and MaskTattoo

“This bold tattoo runs down the throat and mixes a grey-scale skull with a bolder butterfly visor.

Sugar SkullTattoo

I like this tattoo’s positioning and colors. Make me worried and that’s what I want to get. Because of the heels she wears and the tattoo near her ankle, this image looks fantastic.

Awesome skull tattoo on a man’s breast

This is a tattoo whose position and art are merely amazing. The tattoo itself portrays a black and white skull with its jaws wide open. A wolf appears to have most of the skull head inside his mouth.

Back piece of sugar skull tattoo

Roses and Skulls

Land On Skull

“This butterfly flies on a human skull around the countryside.

Snake, samuraim skull

These tattoos are one of the most famous men’s tattoos.

Mysterious Ravens and Skulls

It sounds like a film of horror. Certainly this tattoo reminds you of death, but it is not morbid in any manner. Ravens are often animals that are very misunderstood. Not many individuals are conscious of their excellent intelligence, trickery, and delusion. Such a tattoo can symbolize one’s escape from death. Someone who survived a car accident, for example, could get a tattoo like this.

Bird Skull

This is another Leitbild version.

Illuminated hand skull tattoos

Hands and tattoos on the skull are a fantastic blend. His tattoo feels like a real skull if the wearer makes a fist. In this scenario, size really counts because it’s comparable to the real deal. By moving it, he can animate the lifeless skull in his hand. I’m going to choose a skull if I ever ink my hand! Ancient human skull.

Amazing Hand SkullTattoo

“Sometimes your tattoo doesn’t have to have a profound sense. Simply say, “I love horror films.” And if you do, then this tattoo is your ideal option! Unless, there’s a way you can make it even more scary.

Skull and crow tattoos

Originally published by cheap-trixie Colorful tattoo.

Watercolor Skull Tattoo

“Which skull tattoo design you choose to get, doesn’t matter, because you can always kick it up by creating your tattoo a tattoo. Once inked like this, colorful designs and thoughts gain a whole fresh significance.

One girl, one skull

Probably one of the most effective skull tattoos not really skulls, this tattoo is playing tricks in my mind. Besides the reality that in this picture there is no true skull, there are also no two females. It’s only one lady in the mirror and her reflection. I bet the genius is the artist who drew this design!


While the symbol may be viewed as negative, it has a traditional Japanese significance in depth. If you want to demonstrate respect for individuals that have passed on, you can wear it. The tattoo can also be a big shift. Your tattoo can also depict a soul’s ship. Other symbols include the overcoming of death, security, power and strength. Your Japanese tattoo can be combined with other components like dragons, flames, crosses, and angel wings.

Bull Skull Awesome Tattoos

< h2>”Flowers and skull thigh tattoo

Dark skull tattoo on a man’s upper arm

This cool tattoo portrays a black and white skull drawn on a man’s upper arm. The skull seems to have worn a crown.

Pair skulls

These skull tattoos are clearly very sweet. They have the additions to the bow and bowtie that are characteristic of woman and man. Moreover, the male skull has a funny moustache and a hat that denotes chivalry as it used to be centuries ago. Both skulls contain tiny holes. I’m wondering what they are.

Miscellaneous skulls

“In particular, this individual should enjoy skulls. I say that because he or she has chosen distinct kinds of tattoos on the skull. I’m sure a human skull is the first on the left and a bird skull is the first on the right. I can’t recognize the other skull kinds for sure. Can you do that?

skulls and chest tattoo eye

Quite cool, but I believe it would have been easier if there were more shading?

Black and White Skull SunflowerTattoo

“This particular design can operate as a sunflower sleeve tattoo or as a sunflower shoulder tattoo. Whatever the place, you must admit this is a nice tattoo in black and white!

Alien mode on skull tattoos

This seemingly frowned skull makes me think of aliens. Class=”Emphasis” > Alien series type of aliens. My reasons aren’t really logical, but I bet that all the moment you associate pictures with films randomly! This skull fits perfectly as a hand tattoo and looks great as well!

A Crowned Skull

Skull and crown tattoo may symbolize good luck for those who choose a design like this. For some, even in death, it might mean something like a king (or queen). Whatever the significance, this shoulder tattoo will surely stand out from the information here.

Batman candy skull tattoo by Drew Govan Tattooist

“Previous Full puzzle facial portrait sleeve and skull tattoo by Piotr Deadi Dedel” < h2>”Skull Hawk

” < h2>”Black ink sugar skull tattoo

< p>

“Despite the lack of other colours, the sugar skull tattoo still looks good as long as you produce lovely tattoos.

Candy SkullTattoo

“A tattoo with a sugar skull does not necessarily mean a decorated skull. Sometimes it is possible to depict sugar skulls just like in the picture above. Sugar skull tattoos can sometimes be depicted with a woman’s picture. The vibrant look of such a sugar skull tattoo is probable to imitate the upbeat and lively celebration of the Dead Day festival.

Skulls and eyes

Sugar skull wrist tattoo

The wrist is a ideal location for those looking for smaller sugar skull tattoos. I wish there was more color in this one.


I like this one better.

Flowers and Skulls

Soldier Skull on Hand

Cool skull tattoo design on a man’s arm

This cool skull tattoo design was laid in such a manner that it does not have the usual skull characteristics. A diamond was drawn instead of the usual empty eye sockets and the skull nose was drawn in such a manner that it looks like a spade sign. The tattoo shows a big skull on the back to feel the whole back. All the openings of the skulls like the sockets of the eyes and the nose are black.

Sugar skull and 11 quotes

I enjoy the Elven quote. I’m a fan of JR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and one of these days I could get a tattoo.

Skulls and bones

Who requires lacy storage if skull and bone tattoos can produce an impact? I enjoy how the bones on the back of the silk stockings are created to depict the connections. I’m also really digging the upper thigh’s realistic looking skulls. It’s also fairly adorable that there’s a boy’s skull and a girl’s skull.

Skull of a Warrior Native American Tattoos

As with animal skulls, human skulls are also frequently discovered in this tattoo trend, particularly with very heavy headdress and other components. In this case, it symbolizes the warrior’s soul.

Skull on another skull

As if one skull were not sufficient, here is an instance of a skull on the forehead of another skull. The artist who created this must be credited because it’s outstanding! I feel like her face comes out of her skin. This design would be one of my top options, realistic and very well inked.

Fire, light, big skull tattoo on arm

The big tattoo indicates a skull looking sideways. The picture of a house inside its eye like a memory. It’s something that’s burned forever in its mind. Coloring and shading are performed in such a manner that it looks like a fire or a red light coming out of the skull. You can obviously see the eyeballs and jaws from a distance, making the tattoo and frightening option but a excellent design. There are some missing teeth to show that for some time now the skull has been lying on the ground.

Cool human skull tattoo on a guy’s upper arm

This is the best skull tattoo concept for anyone who wishes something intriguing on their arms. The tattoo itself portrays a skull with an open mouth. Its sockets, nose and mouth all appear red in color like some light inside the skull.

Sketchy skull and time tattoo


Flowers are versatile tattoos themselves. Here are some more beautiful, brightly colored hibiscus flowers, but with some realistic looking skulls these are paired. This piece includes the top thigh region of the leg, providing this fantastic design more room to spread. The skulls look almost realistic, and a pleasant touch is the water droplets.


Sugar skull

Sugar skull tattoos are very common due to their significance and lovely design. You can have it in many colors or keep it simple in black and gray and still have the same beauty effect. We also have the Dead Tattoos post on Best Day if you want to see more tattoo designs on the sugar skull. Girls ‘ tattoos.


Thigh Skull Tattoos

“refers to bright Mexican orange-red marigolds. Of course, other species are also acceptable

Epic SkullTattoo

“What other adjective, apart from epic, can you use for this tattoo? The orange color reminds you of the jack-o’-lantern a little bit. This is one of the examples of infinite skull tattoos opportunities, though. The Dead Day was devoted to this tattoo.


Those who are looking for a new and different idea of foot tattoo could do worse than follow this example. Taking an image that traditionally either has a strong presence or is inherently masculine and that makes it feminine (through simple touches like flowers) sends a powerful message, executing brilliantly here. It provides a rock and roll component without being too evident about it. The heart and wings offer the feeling that the music lives on, even if the heart is dead.

Sugar skull flowers tattoos

I believe it’s beautiful and lovely. Something other than the usual tattoos on the sugar skull.

Ron Antonick Sugar SkullTattoos

“Hand SkullTattoos

This is the same concept as in the above picture, but the wearer is male. There may be a lot of reasons to get such a tattoo. Sometimes a tattoo like this can remind you we’re all the same, made of flesh and bones, and some distinctions are meaningless between individuals. But such a tattoo can also encourage the wearer, and he / she may feel tougher and braver.

Exceptional Tattoo SleeveSkull

“Hat and Card Skull? Does that remind you of anything? Perhaps casinos? If you are visiting casinos, watch out for the regular gamblers ‘ tattoos. You will notice a lot of tattoos on the skull. Gamblers think that a tattoo on the skull is a sign of excellent luck that ends their poor strike.
I enjoy this one.

Sugar Skull OwlTattoo

Nice skull feet tattoo

I prefer colorful tattoos on the skull of sugar. It’s really good for the eyes, particularly traditionally done.

Intriguing skull tattoo concept on a buy’s arm

This is the ultimate skull tattoo idea for anyone who wishes something fascinating on their upper arms. The tattoo portrays a human skull with portion of a Catholic rosary hanging from their closed teeth. Part of a clock was drawn on their forehead and a big eye was drawn just below the head of the skull


Hugethigh skull tattoos

This beautiful brunette selected for her thigh a enormous skull tattoo. To make it more feminine, she added a few flowers and decorative components. I completely agree with her choice and admire her lean body as good as it looks. Not everyone in this region can get a tattoo and show it flawlessly!

Winged skull chest tattoo

Colorful skull butterfly

This tattoo reminds me of Mexico, likely because of the colors and motifs (skulls and flowers). It’s a beautiful, big tattoo. Fully delicious are the colors and forms. For me, the positioning is surprising because, for instance, I would think this looks really nice–perhaps even better–on the back.

Simple sugar skull sexiestthigh tattoos

I believe I’m becoming more persuaded to get a sugar skull tattoo.

Sugar Skulls ChestTattoo

I almost believed it was a regular skull, but then I looked closer and discovered out it was a sugar skull.

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